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The founders of Thous Winds, Mr and Mrs Thous Winds, are outdoor enthusiasts with a passion for exquisite outdoor camping and snowmobile climbing. Our main focus is on outdoor camping products that combine aesthetic design elements, practicality and beauty. Our products cover the following categories: outdoor furniture, lamps, tents, stoves, tableware and cookware, mountain woodcraft and mountain clothing. Japan, Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Europe and America have our online and offline sales channels (countries and regions).

We have always been guided by the idea that outdoor camping can be a way of life and that there is a style for everyone. Camping products can also be integrated into our everyday home life, giving them more meaning. Camping is a trip away from the hustle and bustle and a simple, environmentally friendly, self-indulgent way of life.

Thous Winds

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